General terms and conditions

AGB - Online Shop


1. Contractual relationship

The purchaser accepts the following terms and conditions of Brienz Rothorn Bahn AG (hereinafter referred to as BRB) as the basis for the purchase of the published articles. Contractual relations arising from the sale exist exclusively between the purchaser and the BRB. With the purchase of an article, the purchaser concludes a valid contract with the BRB for the products/services purchased. 2.

2. Payment

Payment for online orders is made by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners), Postcard, Twint or on account. Credit cards are invoiced via Saferpay. The items remain the property of the BRB until payment has been made in full. The offers and services of the BRB must only be provided after payment has been made.

The BRB reserves the right to refuse to accept vouchers or tickets in the event of outstanding payments, to charge reminder fees and to take legal action.

3. Delivery

The exact delivery times can be found in the article descriptions. Generally, a delivery period of three to five working days applies. The buyer bears the risk for delays and loss when products are sent by post. Any liability is declined. Tickets and vouchers can be printed out conveniently at home.

4. Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for vouchers/tickets that are paid for and printed out online. Vouchers paid for by invoice can be cancelled within 24 hours and must be returned to the exhibitor within 3 working days (from date of issue).

5. Vouchers/tickets

In the case of online vouchers/tickets, it should be noted that these are transmitted to the customer by BRB with a forgery-proof code. Since the customer can print out the voucher/ticket himself, several prints are possible, but only one print is value-relevant and redeemable. The first redeemed voucher/ticket with the corresponding code is considered the original and must be debited by the BRB immediately after redemption. Should further copies with the same code appear, this is a case of misuse which will result in criminal consequences. There is no claim to fulfilment and/or delivery, or to compensation for damages on the part of the BRB, if someone attempts to redeem several vouchers with the same code, even if the first redeemer is not the legally valid holder of the voucher/ticket. Rather, a criminal investigation (forgery of documents) can be initiated immediately against the issuer with intent to defraud.

As a voucher/ticket can be passed on or given away, the BRB is neither obliged nor able to check the right of ownership of the redeemer. When a voucher/ticket is redeemed, it is only checked whether the corresponding voucher/ticket number has actually been released by the system and whether the corresponding voucher/ticket has actually been paid for.

Vouchers are generally valid for 3 years (see validity period on voucher). Tickets are valid for the current season. After expiry of this period, the BRB is no longer obliged to accept them. Lost vouchers/tickets will not be replaced. Vouchers/tickets cannot be returned for cash value either. The BRB is not obliged to accept unpaid vouchers/tickets as a means of payment. For operational reasons, the services listed in the voucher/ticket can only be provided or guaranteed by the company if a corresponding and timely reservation has been made. This applies in particular to vouchers in connection with overnight stays and vouchers for groups. If the price of the offer is more expensive, the holder of the voucher must pay the difference to the current price. 6.

6. Return and exchange

Purchases made on the online shop are binding. They cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded after purchase.

7. Misuse

Each voucher and each ticket can only be redeemed once. Copying, altering or imitating tickets/vouchers is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that no other tickets/vouchers with the same barcode are printed, copied and circulated. Misuse will be prosecuted and reported. When the voucher is redeemed, the code is checked in the system for validity and payment status.

8. Use of data

Personal and address data collected by the BRB in connection with the provision of services may be used by the BRB for advertising purposes.

9. Concluding Provisions / Place of Jurisdiction

The invalidity of individual points of these General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTC) shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a new provision which comes as close as possible to the invalid provision in its economic effect. The place of performance and jurisdiction for contracts, including these General Terms and Conditions (GTC), is Brienz.