Tickets with seat guarantee

This ticket…

… includes a guaranteed seat on the desired departure.
… gives you direct access to the platform.
… must be shown at the turnstile with any reduction (Swiss Travel Pass, Half Fare Card).
… can neither be exchanged nor refunded.

The surcharge for a guaranteed seat from Brienz is CHF 8.00 per person. This surcharge is shown separately on the ticket.

The seats are not numbered and can be freely selected.
If you arrive at the specified access time, you have more seat selection.

If you already have a ticket for the train journey or if you want to exchange a gift-voucher at the ticketcounter, you can buy the guaranteed seat for CHF 8.00 per person ("Seat guarantee ascent").

The seat guarantee refers only for the ascent from Brienz. For the descent, we recommend that you arrive at the Rothorn Kulm station at least 30 minutes before the train departure.

Masks are mandatory during the whole trip (no certificate required).